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Exploring the artifacts and culture of the magnificant morsels found in their attics, Brandon DiCamillo and Tom Barbalet are mundane missionaries. Sometimes they talk about movies and food too.

14. Coal Mining Filth [September 2, 2017]

  There is a 50 degree F difference between Tom's recording temperatures and Bran's recording temperatures. Tom shouts out a couple of listeners. What's Brandon's opinion of bar-cades? Halloween candy and Christmas gifts round out the listener selection. Brandon wants to know about writing games for iOS. The aficionados swap Autumnal traditions and talk about new releases. Bran has a football pool. Who will meet at the Super Bowl? Tom manages to accidentally offend Brandon most unintentionally. The aficionados explore recent food. The Dave Smith Weekly stuff moves into Dave Smith questions. Tom provides a list of films he's interested in seeing in upcoming months. Brandon wanted to know about Tom's music. Napoleon Dynamite provides a memory for Tom. Tom wants to talk about the Australian drinking culture. [ MP3 | link ]

13. Fabio Was So Good on the Sopranos [August 26, 2017]

  Bran has been cooking for a large family group. Tom wants recipe information. Listeners want more PB and J, well at least some did. Milk appears to be just as worthy a discussion. Australia didn't have convenience stores like America. Japanese animation is kinda meh. No food is surprisingly deep and introspective for this recording. How about some films that made you cry? David Smith's movie recommendation and book recommendation also creates movie recommendations. Let's talk conventions. What are the strategies? How about meeting people there? Road trips are a strangely political topic. A funny thing happened in the office this week. How about house guests? Tom wants to know about paint-balling. How did the aficionados meet there significant others? Tom briefly gives a pretty good impression of Mark 'Chopper' Read. Tom wants to know if Bran uses videos to trigger memories. With time running out Tom runs through two last topics. [ MP3 | link ]

12. Brazilian Babes Know The Way to San Jose [August 19, 2017]

  The show begins with an unboxing or two. Tom ask about the PB and J assembly. Tom wants to know more about Van Damme movies of note. Strange food related questions dominate the early part of the recording. Listener Bruce Canopy seems to be stalking the aficionados. Carmine provides a number of diverse topics with pet peeves creating some digressions. Mike Black asks particularly dark questions. Never be well around Brandon. There's never enough time for adolescent miscreant topics but a model railroading question takes some priority. Dave Smith has a particularly violent question. Tom's questions go very quickly leaving a series of Vegas related topics from Brandon. [ MP3 | link ]

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