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Exploring the artifacts and culture of the magnificant morsels found in their attics, Brandon DiCamillo and Tom Barbalet are mundane missionaries. Sometimes they talk about movies and food too.

11. Question Number Six [August 5, 2017]

  Tom wants to know about Brandon's cats. Brandon is stumped by the first listener question. School stories arrive thick and fast. The aficionados discuss what they would do with a celebrity for a day. Youtube shows Tom meeting the Queen. Book, album, movie, TV show: the desert island question. Claw games are heroin. How do the aficionados binge watch. The Dave Smith hour beings with a question that Tom takes to honey bait. Barry Lyndon is discussed at length. Fragrances and fishing: what's not to love? AM radio is worthy so is local television. Tom provides a list. Tom's topics start with professions. They talk about fascinating older people stories. They digress into the conditions of a death row last meal. Can they resolve a favorite shoe? NASA scientists are the cause of Brandon's skepticism. VCRs are inextricably connected to Tasmania for Tom. Tom refuses to end the show without Brandon's 1990s crush and Brandon demands Webby Peppery satisfaction. [ MP3 | link ]

10: Hacking Confrontational French [July 29, 2017]

  Brandon has experienced DVD problems. Tom wants to dig deep into Brandon's love of winter. They talk about dead musicians and making electric guitars. Tom reads an iTunes review and talks about the locations of the aficionados. Halloween costumes and inappropriate costumes in general - quite a topic. They explore Transformers. eBay history brings back fond purchasing memories and some curious ones too. Brandon loves GoPro and they both have non-sports cards. Of course the aficionados remember their first comic books but the ads were better. Car toys and transforming robots in general provide some things to discuss. Top five lists creates some interesting discussions. Bad vacations - this seems to be a Tom only topic. Horror was invented at the Leicester YMCA (from a prior podcast of Tom's for more on this). Dave Smith's picks of the week digress rapidly when Bran recommends a prequel to the Hunger Games. Compliments time returns followed by recipes of note. Best advice ever given and the best advice ever received provides reaffirmation. What are the good professions to be? Brandon offers some topics that can only produce future digressions. [ MP3 | link ]

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