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This is the archive home of the Attic Aficionados podcast. Unfortunately no more podcasts will be produced.

17. The Mean Streets of Sunnyvale [October 28, 2017]

  Bran is still enjoying the delicious spoils from his evening. But the podcast must go on. How about extreme sports? They explore swimming and starting fires. Brandon wants a recipe from Tom (aka Dr Pepper) that doesn't have peppers. Bran wants Tom's thoughts on the boundaries of our knowledge. Is there anything left to be said about Halloween candy? Maybe. Brandon wants to know about Tom's Masters of the Universe experiences. The final topic has a special cameo from an aficionado wife. [ MP3 | link ]

16. Just Panther [October 21, 2017]

  The aficionados finish a topic from last week's recording relating to clothing in Australia and fall into tasty treats. Rituals are important. Bran has model railroad questions. How about smoked meats? Seafoods continue the orgy of food. Bran wants some sports news from Tom... yeah. Tom wants to know about Bran's latest toy. Bran wants to know what might interest Tom at the toy convention. [ MP3 | link ]

15. Hard Drive Recovery [October 15, 2017]

  The renovations are over for Brandon, now all that is left it mending the relationship with the listeners. Halloween decorations are topical. Tom wants to know more about Brandon's composition process. Similarly Tom wants more information on Brandon's cooking interest without talking about squirrels again. They digress into Bran's time in Italy. Tom has been assembling a box of artifacts to take on his road trip to meet Brandon. Webby Peppers will be passed on to the listeners next year. Tom introduces his birthday weekend initially featuring Jackie Chan. They digress into Snowfall and Kevin Smith films. Tom has a few locations to discuss for when he gets to West Chester. Sadly Brandon doesn't like cigars. Tom has trouble identifying two different groups in the community. Tom talks a little bit about his game in a round-about fashion mourning the dead first. Bran is fantasizing about figures but he really wants to talk about hard drive recovery. If that topic was too dry for you, the aficionados explore horror movies and then finally they dismember Snowtown before the podcast plug is pulled by an unusual participant. [ MP3 | link ]

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